About This Course...

Industry standards should not be industry secrets and struggling should not be a required stepping stone to reach success. My course, Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Wedding Florist, lifts the mysterious veil of floristry and teaches all the foundational basics of wedding design and business. It’s for the designers that want to skip the accidental overordering and underpricing and undercharging. The designers who aren’t sure how to accurately invoice for their time in set-up, delivery, or strike. For the designers who wrapped their first bouquets with duct tape and zip-ties (...that was me). 

These things aren’t obvious at first, we all must learn the basics at some point in our careers. From marketing and advertising to proposals, pricing, and recipes, to the floral design repertoire must-haves, I am taking the most challenging pieces of the Wedding Floristry puzzle and solving them for you. 

This course is a collection of years and years (and YEARS) worth of floral design tutorials and business coaching classes that I’ve taught, all curated in an organized, easy-to-follow video tutorial format. It's designed for flower lovers who are just dipping their toes in the garden, and for those who jumped in with full force but are now realizing they may have missed a step or two along the way.

If you want to make the leap from a desk job to a design table, this is where you start. If you're frustrated working for somebody else, if you want more control over your time and money, if you're longing to add beauty and creativity to your life; this is the course for you. It's time for you to turn your passion into a paycheck.

The only thing separating you from your floral dreams is a solid knowledge of the fundamentals: floral care, basic tools, how and where to purchase the product you need, and beginner floral design abilities under your belt!

This is on-demand training! Once the course is launched, you'll get lifetime access & unlimited replays, accessible at any time. You'll even have the opportunity to ask me (Sarah Campbell ) questions at any time, face-to-face! I will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish.

Turn Your Passion into a Paycheck!

Join me for this course focused exclusively on BEGINNER FLORAL DESIGN and BUSINESS BUILDING.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here: Welcome!

    • Let's start blooming...

    • Talk to Me!

  • 2

    Module One - Your Business

    • Introduction to Your Business!

    • Tips for Starting your Floral Business

    • Floral Design Tool Kit

    • Tech Tool Kit

    • Wholesale Ordering How-To

    • Developing Your Pricing Structure

    • BONUS: Preferred Supplier's List

    • BONUS - First Year Business Interview with Designs By Oochay

    • BONUS: Free Floral Learning

    • Module 1 Check-In

    • Wedding Florist Workbook Day One

  • 3

    Module Two - Bouquets

    • Introduction to Bouquets

    • Spiral Method Bouquet

    • Orchid Waterfall Bouquet

    • Delphinium Posy Bouquet

    • Hydrangea Bouquet

    • Baby's Breath Bouquet 1

    • Baby's Breath Bouquet 2

    • Intrigue Style Hand-Tied Bouquet

    • Blushing Bridal Bouquet

    • Dried Floral Bouquet

    • Cascading Bouquet

    • Chicken Wire Bouquet

    • Bouquet to Centerpiece Arrangement

    • Garden Gathered Bouquet

    • Module 2 Check-In

  • 4

    Module Three - Centerpieces

    • Introduction to Centerpieces

    • Classic Mercury Compote Centerpiece

    • Classic Compote Centerpiece

    • Tall Centerpiece

    • Tall Round Hydrangea Centerpiece

    • Tall Delphinium Centerpiece

    • Baby's Breath Centerpiece

    • Manzanita Branches Centerpiece

    • Succulents Centerpiece

    • Lanterns Centerpiece

    • Frog Centerpiece

    • Large Scale Centerpiece

    • Module 3 Check-In

  • 5

    Module Four - Boutonnieres & Accessories

    • Bouts & Accessories Intro

    • Ranunculus Boutonniere

    • Spray Rose Boutonniere

    • Babysbreath Boutonniere

    • Protea Boutonniere

    • Calla Lily Boutonniere

    • Airplant Boutonniere

    • Boutonniere Display

    • Flower Crown

    • Corsage Bracelet with Viva La Florist

    • Floral Bag Charm

    • Module 4 Check-In

  • 6

    Module Five Pt. 1 - Bouquet Count Sheets

    • Counts Sheets Intro

    • Glamorous Pearl Bouquet

    • Elegant Rose and Orchid Bouquet

    • Green and Succulent Bouquet

    • Hydrangea and Anenome Bouquet

    • Dusty and Mixed Purple Bride's Bouquet

    • Lush Bouquet

    • Ethereal Rose and Berry Bouquet

    • Large and Airy Garden Bridal Bouquet

    • Glamorous Pearl Bouquet

    • King Protea Bouquet

    • Vibrant Bright & Bold Bouquet

    • Peony Bouquet Bouquet

    • Peony Bouquet 2 Bouquet

    • Nautical Charm Bouquet

    • Modern Bouquet

    • Marry Me Bouquet

    • Mixed Coral and Succulent Bouquet

    • Blue and Gold Tropical Bridal Bouquet

    • Warm Yellow Bouquet

    • Peachy Keen Roses Bouquet

    • Cascading Calla and Orchid

    • Classic All White Bridal Bouquet

    • Rustic Garden Bouquet

    • Bright Poppy with Dusty Miller Bouquet

    • Bright & Light Bouquet

    • Classic White Ranunculus, Rose, and Peony Mix Bouquet

    • Classic Blush Peonies Bouquet

    • Blue and White Coastal Bouquet

    • Classic Cream and Peach Bouquet

    • Classic Mixed Ivory Bridal Bouquet

    • Classic White and Red Bridal Bouquet

    • Cream Peony Bouquet

    • Classic Peach and Ranunculus

    • Classic Mixed Rose and Berries Bouquet

    • Classic White and Blush Peony and Rose with Succulent Bouquet

    • Classic Pink, Blush and White Peony Mix Bouquet

    • Classic White Rose and Cymbidium Mix Bouquet

    • Classic Pink and White Peonies Bouquet

    • Classic Garden Bouquet Bouquet

    • Coral, Peach & Mint Bouquet

    • Cream and Mixed Eucalyptus Bouquet

    • Delicate Rose Bouquet

    • Creme de la Creme Bouquet

    • Dramatic Autumnal Bridal Bouquet

    • Cream and Green Bridal Bouquet

    • Dusty and Mixed Purple Bouquet

    • Elegant and Organic Rose Bouquet

    • Classic White Rose and Ranunculus Bouquet

    • Coral and White Peony Bouquet

    • Dramatic Autumnal Bouquet

    • Cream with Pink Astilbe Bouquet

    • Crisp Fall Bouquet Bouquet

  • 7

    Module Five Pt 2. - Centerpiece Count Sheets

    • Delicate Blush and Soft White Blooms Centerpiece

    • Large Rustic Mixed Succulent Centerpiece

    • Nautical Charm Centerpiece

    • Dropping Tulips Centerpiece

    • Lush High Autumnal Centerpiece

    • Live Purse Centerpiece

    • Ferngully Compote Centerpiece

    • Rustic Garden Centerpiece Centerpiece

    • Extra Large Spring Mix Bowl Centerpiece

    • Modern Centerpiece

    • Mixed Creams and Mauve Centerpiece

    • Mixed Pink Purple and Blue Centerpiece

    • Floral Chandelier

    • Mixed Purples and Greens Arch Centerpiece

    • Cascading Rose and Silver Dollar Centerpiece

    • Grand Centerpiece 1

    • Grand Centerpiece 2

    • Grand Centerpiece 3

    • Grand Centerpiece 4

    • Hydrangea and Avalanche Rose Centerpiece

    • Romantic Vintage Centerpiece

    • Blush Peony and Berries Centerpiece

    • Bright and Vibrant Centerpiece

    • Vibrant Bright & Bold Centerpiece

    • Classic Cream and Peach Centerpiece

    • Cascading Rose and Bright Greens Centerpiece

    • Glamorous Pearl Centerpiece

    • Bright overflowing Orchid Chandelier Centerpiece

    • Cream and Green Garden Centerpiece

    • Cascading White Orchids Centerpiece

    • Hydrangea and Tulip Centerpiece

    • Hydrangea and Rose Burst Centerpiece

    • Cascading Vibrant Purple Orchids Centerpiece

    • Kate Spade Compote Centerpiece

    • Crisp White Blossom Centerpiece

    • Classic Centerpiece

    • Hydrangea Floral Burst Centerpiece

    • Delicate Rose and Pods Floral Bunches Centerpiece

    • Kate Spade Inspired Centerpiece Centerpiece

    • High Contrast Wreath Centerpiece

    • Coral, Peach & Mint Centerpiece

    • Elegant Blush Orange and Green Centerpiece

    • King Protea Centerpiece

    • Large Pink White and Orange Centerpiece

    • Module 5 Check-In

  • 8

    Module Six - Outside the Box

    • Out of the Box Intro

    • Smilax Wall Instillation

    • Suspended Smilax Installation

    • Baby's Breath Hanging Cloud

    • Valentine's Day Flower and Feather Centerpiece

    • Rose Heart Arrangement

    • Suspended Orb Installation

    • Ceremony Chair Uptie

    • Ceremony Urn

    • Floating Bucket Table Installation

    • Intrigue Teaches - Hat Box featuring JetFresh Roses

    • Statement Garden-Style Chair

    • May Day Basket

    • Table Runner

    • Delphinium Headpiece

    • Module 6 Check-In

  • 9

    Module Seven - Next Steps

    • Kick Start Your Marketing

    • Invoices and Proposals

    • Module 7 Check-In

    • Certificate of Completetion

  • 10

    Processing Library

    • Intro to Ordering & Processing

    • The Key to Big & Beautiful Flowers

    • Hydrangea Rescue 101

    • Process from Box to Blooming

    • Processing Hellebores

    • Processing Hyacinth

    • Processing Roses

    • Processing Spray Roses

    • Processing Peonies

    • Processing Calla Lilly

    • Processing Sweet Pea

    • Processing Orchids

    • Processing Gerber Daises

    • Processing Ranunculus

    • Processing Parrot Tulip

    • Processing Hydrangea

    • How to Buy Lillies

    • Processing Quiz!

  • 11

    Quick Tips Library

    • Intro to Quick Tips

    • Stripping your Roses

    • Votive Cleaning with Cooking Spray

    • Using Floral Lock

    • Boutineer Pillow

    • Using Crowning Glory

    • Transporting Large Centerpieces

    • Big Peonies

    • Succulent on a Stick

    • Candles

    • Soaking Flower Foam

    • Suspending Candles

    • Wiring Ranunculus

    • Using a Mag Pole

    • Transporting Bouquets

    • Securing a Frog

    • Getting Started Kit

    • How to Grid a Vase

    • Big Bunch Photos

    • Arrive Alive

    • Disguising Arrive Alive

    • Making an Anemone

    • Chicken Wire Bases for Large Arrangements

    • Incorporating Silks

    • Candelabra Centerpiece

    • Bear Grass Styling

    • Jewelry Quick Tip

    • Transforming Roses into Peonies

    • Setting a Table

    • Draping Tulips

    • Quick Tips Quiz!

What You'll Get When You Enroll

This course, Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Wedding Florist, includes the following modules:

    This is where the blooming begins. Get a warm welcome from Sarah and dive in!

    Floral industry success requires a blossoming balance of business and blooms. Learn how to set up your business, explore your brand, create your website, set up social media, select suppliers, develop pricing, and organize it all!

    Learn from over a dozen step-by-step video tutorials on creating a variety of bouquet styles, from spiral to cascading and everything in between. These hand-held beauties are often the center of attention, and yours are about to knock some socks off!

    Learn how to create eleven different centerpiece designs with step-by-step video tutorials covering a range of styles and price points. You will learn everything from classic low compote arrangements to effortless large-scale tall centerpieces.

    Follow step-by-step video tutorials to make an assortment of boutonnieres and accessories like flower crowns, corsage bracelets, and more! These little details of the wedding day are just important as bigger designs, as yours are about to be flawless.

    You will get 50+ flower count sheets for a blossoming plethora of bouquets and centerpieces. Each sheet has a professional photo of the design, what flower you’ll need, and how many!

    As a wedding florist, you will get some out-of-the-box requests. A floating floral cloud? It’s easier than you think! This module provides introduction video tutorials for simple installations, shaped arrangements, and headpieces (and more) to experiment with.

    In this module, we'll bring together all you have learned and cover all the need-to-know foundations of marketing. We’ll discuss kickstarting your business, building an audience, launching your website, making industry connections, and even creating your first invoices and proposals.

    The first time I used Orchids for a wedding, they were all dead by the time I got to the venue. This is the module where I help you avoid mistakes like these! Processing flowers correctly is the key to big, beautiful, and lasting floral designs. Learn how to process an array of flowers in this video library.

    Cooking spray, milk crates, and chicken wire…oh my! This video library includes a variety of tips and tricks you will use throughout your career. Everything from soaking foam, to using floral glue is included (plus a few of my own personal favorite tidbits).

This is on-demand training! Once the course is launched, you'll get lifetime access & unlimited replays, accessible at any time. You'll even have the opportunity to ask me (Sarah Campbell ) questions at any time, face-to-face! I will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish.

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

It started 15 years ago…I was a young wedding planner, and I was STRUGGLING.

My name is Sarah Campbell, the founder and owner of Intrigue Designs and Intrigue Teaches. If you’ve seen me before, it was likely on Netflix, touring the country teaching floral design workshops and wedding business courses, or from your local news/favorite podcast!

I’m known for my big smile, bubbly personality and lush, over-the-top designs.

I spend most of my time as a leader of floral industry education, always-on-the-go, travelling the world building huge floral installations! But, don’t let me fool you into thinking I've always known how to do what I do, I can assure you that is not the case!

It has taken years of hard work to transform my business into the powerhouse it has become.

It started 15 years ago…I was a young wedding planner, STRUGGLING to navigate my way through the wedding and event industry.

With 2 young and active kids, my days were full of hustle and bustle. With the constant shuffle between soccer practice, the horse barn, and everything else that family required, I was still focused on building my business, but something was missing.

I had been surviving as a wedding planner, but I was getting exhausted dealing with all of the little details. I was at my happiest when I was playing with flowers. I could feel myself come to life when there were blooms in the room. I wasn’t supposed to be doing timelines and booking vendors, I was supposed to be crafting centerpieces!

When creating this course, I took a journey back to that moment, the moment I realized I had to make a change. This course is compiled of all the floral design tutorials and business modules that I wish someone had given me in my first week building a wedding floral business.

I understand the challenges.   And that's why I created this course.  It's made for real florists, people just like you.

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.